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Q. How much does a dealer charge to do a clutch job on 2005 mini cooper s in $?

A. Typically, clutch disc replacement costs upwards of $2100.00 at a dealership.

Q. How many hours should it take to replace a 2004 MINI Cooper radiator?

A. It should take a good shop just about three hours to replace the radiator in your '04 MINI.

Q. How much does a 2005 MINI Cooper clutch replacement cost?

A. As of 2/20/2013, the cost to replace the clutch disc on your '05 MINI would be $1,359.56.

Q. Do you have to change the brake pad and the sensor when you replace the brakes on your MINI? 

A. Brake rotors sometimes have to be replaced on the MINI's. Generally, every other time you replace the brake pads. The brake pad wear sensors have to be replaced each time.  

Q. how do you replace the water pump on a 2006 MINI?

A. The water pump replacement on the 2006 MINI is a challenge. You have to remove most of the front end of the car to gain access, including the bumper, core support, and engine fan. On the Cooper S, you will find it bolted to the back of the supercharer. 

Q. How many miles should be before you should replace a MINI's water pump?

A. The miles between water pump replacement tends to vary greatly. It's sometthing only done when the seals inside the pump deteriorate. Most MINI's have water pump replacement every 6 years.

Q. How much does it cost to install MINI Cooper brake pads?

A. As of Feb 22, 2013, the cost to repalce brake pads and sensors is $475.00 at our Rockville, MD, location. That's for the front and rear!