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Many of our cars are covered by factory new car warranties. We are known for proudly standing behind our product. All of our cars carry meaningful warranties and nationwide extended warranties are available. Warranty terms and conditions are displayed clearly on every car.

Wynn’s Extended Care®
Vehicle Service Contracts provide comprehensive coverage to protect new and used vehicles.

This warranty applies to most cars sold by Scandinavian Import Servicenter (SIS). Be sure you understand its limits and application. We have stated that information below.1. For the first 30 days of your ownership, any failure to a system that affects how your car operates will be repaired at no cost to buyer. Buyer must return the car to SIS for warranty repairs within the 30 day 100% warranty period. 2. A limited warranty is in effect for the first six thousand miles of ownership or six months from date of purchase, whichever comes first. The limited warranty covers failures of the engine (block and internally lubricated parts including turbocharger and cylinder head) the transmission (internally lubricated parts only) and the drive shafts including the differential. This warranty does not cover the clutch. The owner of the car agrees to pay one half of the amount that Scandinavian would charge a non-warranty customer for that same repair. If a failure occurs, the owner of the car agrees to return the car to Scandinavian where a covered repair will be made in accordance with industry accepted standards which shall be determined at the sole discretion of Scandinavian Import Servicenter. This warranty does not cover towing unless towing charges are specifically authorized by Scandinavian Import Servicenter. This warranty does not cover consequential damages, known or unknown, or costs of lodging, transportation, or any claims by any third parties which may be brought against Scandinavian Import Servicenter regarding any express or implied provision of this warranty. Repairs done under this warranty must be done by Scandinavian at our shop. Scandinavian will not pay for repairs done elsewhere unless specifically authorized. Repairs are not covered and this warranty is null and void if anyone of the following conditions occur; A. Car is operated in an abusive manner. B. Car is operated after loss of lubricant or coolant or for any reason car is operated while overheated. C. Car suffers additional damage due to being operated after initial symptom of failure becomes apparent. This warranty does not cover minor or chronic fluid leaks whose seriousness shall be judged in accordance with industry accepted standards at the sole discretion of Scandinavian Import Servicenter. Seat heaters, after market alarm systems and power seat memory functions are not covered by this warranty. Remote mounted CD players are not covered by this warranty. The buyer of the car must have maintained the car in accordance with manufacturers’ recommendations and documentation must be made available to Scandinavian upon request. It is understood that this warranty only covers the components listed above and that no other warranties are expressed or implied. This warranty does not cover items which are covered by a manufacturers’ warranty or an extended warranty plan. Repairs made under this warranty must be made during the warranty period.

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